Catherine Wheel - Broken Head tab

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Song: Broken Head
Transcribed by: -- Jorge Avila
Artist: Catherine Wheel
Album: Chrome
Tab and Chords [pro]

Tune down a half step - Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb

key: b/ - bend up the following - b donates to keep string
				bent (at specified value)
     b\ - relase bend

Guitar I
Repeat 2 times before whole band comes in. (Two measures)
3rd-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6b/(1/2)-6b-6b-6b\---------- repeat...

Guitar II -2-------2--2--2-2-------2-2---------------------------| -2-------2--2--2-2-------2-2--------2--2--2------------| -3-------3--3--3-3-------3-4/b(1/4)-4b-4b-4b-----------| -4-------4--4--4-4-------4-2--------2--2--2------------| -4-------4--4--4-4-------4-4--------4--4--4------------| -2-------2--2--2-2-------2-2---------------------------|
[F#]Step inside my head See how much I see Feel how much I[Bb]feee[B]eel [G#]Just this once I will Show you something good A planet with no roof The leading edge of truth It's waiting up there [D]Broken he[A]ad spilling [B]air What an [F#]atmosphere [D]I really fe[A]el such a thrill[B] [B/b(1/2)] [D]Broken mi[A]nd come ali[B]ve Imagin[F#]ation shines [D]I really fe[A]el such a thrill[B] ooh ooh Second verse same as first followed by chorus Play guitar II like intro part [F#]Come into the big sleep[B/F?] (LOOK AT TAB FOR THIS SECTION) Donnez moi la grande surprise Keep keep the vision clear Come close and bring it near, it's the mother, the mother...
Solo [Chord Progression during solo -F# B/F?, D A B F#] Chorus End Comments, suggestions, corrections, flames... Email me at
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