Catie Curtis – Kiss That Counted tab

Kiss that Counted - Catie Curtis, from My shirt looks good on you, 2001
Tabbed by ear by Travis Hussey,

(use middle finger where indicated, thumb for F bass note)
C = x32013 G = 3x2013 Am= x02210 F = 133211
      M          M          M        T  M

Capo IV; 4/4 time - chords last 1 measure unless indicated with a hyphen.

Intro: C, G, Am, F x2 w/ hammer-ons using middle finger before changing chords; Am uses index finger, too)
                                               (Verse G is 320003)
I saw it coming like summer rain                      G-C, F x2
Incoming ocean, oncoming train                        G-C, F x2
And I veered in circles to get off your path          G-Am, F x2
I tried to warn you that this would be the kiss that  G-Am, F, F (hold)

Chorus: (w/ hammer-ons)
C                     G
counted, the one that mattered. My life 
  Am        F
before me undone. This would be the kiss that 
C                     G
counted, the one that shattered my 
  Am      F
defenses bringing the emotion

Repeat intro

I shut my windows and my eyes                       G-C, F x2
I put on my headphones and I stayed inside          G-C, F x2
But all these love songs pouring through my veins   G-Am, F x2
Carried you to me cause this would be the kiss that G-Am, F x2

counted... (Chorus)

Am, F
C                   G
 You say it must be 4 am and I 
Am                      F
say if I don't kiss you now I will 
C            G
never sleep again (to instrumental: 1/2 intro w/ tab below)
e-------------7--------------8------------------------ B-8--6-5-6-8-----8-8-6-6-5-3----8-8-6-6-5-3-1-3-5-3---
yours was the kiss that counted... (Chorus) (Slide E: 8/ into C on "kiss" to start chorus) C, G, Am, F And devotion, yeah C, G, Am, F End C (reverse strum)
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