Cattski – Not Money tab

One of the few bands who'd dare to be different in the music scene and exploit more
about brave lyrics rather than a bunch of "lala" in their songs, CATTSKI is a band
who should represent real Filipino talent if only not for commercialism.

by: Cattski

Intro: A-E-D (2x)

 A                      D                  
All my life I tried to run away from the sound
 A                   D 
that chase me from behind my ears
         A                           D
And I've had this calling since my early years
           A           D                E
And with every note I hit I faced my fears

       A                  D
So I prayed one day I'd find a way
      A                    D
to deny the thought but it just stayed
       A                     D
so I crossed my fingers and all I can say
        A                D            E 
is that every song I sing erased my tears


    D                E
So how could you go telling me that
D            E
I am doing this for cash when
 D                    E
there's none of that here in fact
                 D              E
That's why I'm braver than my songs

       A        E             D  
Cause love not money made me stay
 A        E              D 
Love not money made me feel I'm okay
         E         D            E                D 
And I'll never go away cause I've got love not money
      E        Dpause
And that is, that is the only way

do intro chords

(do stanza chord pattern)
Ever since that day they put me down
Well inside this urge to paint the town
With my screams and shouts these deafening sounds
well my heart decided I should stand my ground

(do refrain chord pattern)
Well all the porn stars are to blame
For they get bought without a shame
And we all know they're singing lame
That's why I'm braver than my songs

(do chorus chord pattern)
Bridge : (I'm not for sale, no I'm not for sale)

(do stanza chord pattern)
I don't wanna be misunderstood
don't waste my time, I think you should just
open your minds, and read between the lines

You cant buy me, you can try but I'm not for sale
You cant bribe into doing things I don't wanna do
Cause I'm not for sale
You can't tell me what to sing and how to sing it
just so I can have your money,No honey

I'm not for sale, I'm not for sale

March 11, 2005

Eden says:
This is one of my favorite song in the album of Cattski. I think this 
is not the perfect one but i hope it can help to your needs.
To all fans of Cattski just keep supporting them.
Hope they can do more albums.
If you have comments, suggestions & violent reactions please don't 
hesitate to email me.

Ace says:
Ok, I need to make another dramatic note here which I like. Good things are meant to
be shared, so here's something good from one of the best band in Pinas. So, in case
you haven't heard about them, try visiting (free songs people, good
songs that is!) and have a doze of something you'd regret not listening to. Yeah,
CATTSKI should have more songs!
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