Cayetana – Side Sleepers chords

Verse 1:
G Having trouble with
myself these days
Em I'm caged by my
despondent ways
G I wake up late
Em leave early
G But it's the crux
Emof me to communicate
Gcryptically But I
always speak softly
Em Am Cwhen I'm talking to you
Verse 2:
G My friends and my habits
Emso they stick to me like glue
G But I always speak freely
Emwhen I'm venting to you
AmBut it's no consolation
Cfor the way that I act
AmI will push you away
CI will push you back
Chorus 1:
GAnd you say
"You should get
Emyour shit together
You could be so much
Gbetter If you just get
Emyou're shit together"
I know you're right
Am C Am Cyou're right
Verse 3:
G You see the ugly
Emparts I wish you
Gnever knew It's
hard to sit and hide
Emwhen I'm always seeking
Amyou Will you love me
Cstill if I can't get
Amout of bed? Will you
love me still with
Cthese sick thoughts
in my head? Chorus 2:
G And I should get my
Emshit together I could
Gbe so much better if
I just get my shit
Emtogether I know that
AmI'm right I'm right
CI know when I'm right
I know when I'm
Am Cright I'm right
Outro: G Em G Em G(hold)
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