Cecil Frances Alexander - Once In Royal Davids City chords

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Once In Royal David s City chords
H. Gauntlett / C. Alexander 1849

G D7 G C D7 GOnce in royal David s city,
Em D7 Gstood a lowly cattle shed
D7 G C GWhere a mother laid her Baby,
Em D7 Gin a manger for His bed
C G Am GMary was that mother mild,
C G D7 GJesus Christ, her little Child.
G D7 G C D7 GHe came down to earth from heaven,
Em D7 Gwho is God and Lord of all
D7 G C GAnd His shelter was a stable,
Em D7 Gand His cradle was a stall
C G Am GWith the poor, and mean, and lowly,
C G D7 Glived on earth our Savior holy.
G D7 G C D7 GAnd, through all His wondrous childhood,
Em D7 Ghe would honor and obey
D7 G C GLove and watch the lowly maiden,
Em D7 Gin whose gentle arms He lay
C G Am GChristian children all must be,
C G D7 Gmild, obedient, good as He.
G D7 G C D7 GFor He is our childhood's pattern;
Em D7 Gday by day, like us, He grew
D7 G C GHe was little, weak, and helpless,
Em D7 Gtears and smiles, like us He knew
C G Am GAnd He cares when we are sad,
C G D7 Gand he shares when we are glad.
G D7 G C D7 GAnd our eyes at last shall see Him,
Em D7 Gthrough His own redeeming love
D7 G C GFor that Child so dear and gentle,
Em D7 Gis our Lord in heaven above
C G Am GAnd He leads His children on,
C G D7 Gto the place where He is gone.
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