Cee Lo Green - Fuck You tab version 2

Artist: Cee-Lo Green
Album:  Lady Killer
Song:   Fuck You
Transcribed by Jeff Kauffman (www.myspace.com/JeffandKmusic)
Tabbed on 10/04/2010

This is my transcription of what I'm pretty sure is near perfect of the funk guitar that 
beginning on the 1st verse and pretty much continues throughout the song except for the 
which I didn't hear the guitar in.

The basic strumming pattern is down, up, down, rest, down. Listen to the song for the 

Standard tuning: EADGBE

E|--12--10--8---8--|B|--13--10--10--8--|G|--12--11--10--9--|D|-----------------|A|-----------------|E|-----------------| C/G D/F# F C/E
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