Celebration Church – Bigger Than You chords

Key of G
standard tuning EADGBE
song writer :Malcom tim

G EmSometimes I get overwhelmed by fear
CAnd the cares of this life
G EmAnd when I call it feels like no one hears
CBut oh what a lie
Am7Just the thought of You
G/BMakes the light break through
CI just heard the stories
D7sus4But now I know itΒ’s true
G DThere is no one who
EmIs bigger than You Lord
CIs bigger than You Lord Jesus
G DThere is not one thing
EmThat You cannot do Lord
CThat You cannot do Lord Jesus
2. I close my ears to what the people say Cause I know the truth Everything impossible for me Is easy for You All I have to do is just call Your name And in just a moment everything will change
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