Celtic Woman – Send Me A Song tab

Celtic Woman "Send Me a Song"
I've seen a lot of people asking for this song. So i listened to the song and tried to
out chords that matched the song. I have NO idea if it's 100% correct or not. I know i'll
get comments saying it "sounds nothing like it" and all that jazz, but i tried. If you 
any helpful suggestions, please comment and let me know. :) Well, hopefully you guys
get some use out of this! I love this song and no one has ever put chords to it 
at least none that i can find. So Enjoy!!

 C, C, C, G x2

C         G            Em               Am
Take the wave now and know that you're free,
C         G            Em           Am
Turn your back on the land face the sea,
G         C           Am           C
Face the wind now so wild and so strong,
C          G
When you think of me,
C              G          C
Wave to me and send me a song.

C           G             Em             Am
Don't look back when you reach the new shore,
C             G           Em         Am
Don't forget what you're leaving me for,
G         G               Am        C
Don't forget when you're missing me so,
C          G
Love must never hold,
C           G            C
Never hold tight but let go.

C       G              Em
Oh the nights will be long,
          Am          C
When I'm not in your arms,
C        G           Em             Am    C
    G       Em  Am
But I'll be in your song, That you sing to me, across the sea.
Em         Am      C        G      Em
Somehow, someday, you will be far away,
    Am        C     G         Em  Am
So far from me and maybe one day,
         C     G
I will follow you,
Em          Am
And all you do,
C     G    Am   G    C
'Til then, send me a song.

C         G           Em       Am
When the sun sets the water on fire,
C         G              Em          Am
When the wind swells the sails of your hire,
G        C          Am          C
Let the call of the bird on the wind,
G          C           Am
Calm your sadness and loneliness,
     G             C
And then start to sing to me,
I will sing to you,
          C        G         C
If you promise to send me a song.
C G            C           G
I walk by the shore and I hear,
C          G            C
Hear your song come so faint,
And so clear,
        G           C            G
And I catch it, a breath on the wind,
        G          C          G
And I smile and I sing you a song,
I will send you a song...
I will sing you a song,
C               G
I will sing to you...
          C        G         C    (or you can do Em, Am, C in their place)
If you promise to send me a song.

Hope you enjoyed it!!!
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