Chad Fischer - Motorcycle Ride With Sam tab

this is a real nice song. This isnt perfect though 
i was real tired, but its a start. ive just seen that theres alot of people who want to 
the tab so i put mine up. i havent done all of it though, sorry.

--------------------------------------------------------------------|-----3---------3---------0---------1-3-1-0--------------------------|---0---0-----0---0-----0---0-----0----------------------------------|-5-------5-4-------4-2-------2-2------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------------|Repeat 3 times *(you can slide or hammer on the 1 Ė 3- 1 - 0 bit)
-----------------------------------------------3-----3--------------|-----1---------3---------1---------3---------3---3------------------|---0---0-----0---0-----0---0-----0---0-----0-------0----------------|-2-------2-2-------4-2-------2-2-------4-5--------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------------|Thatísall ive worked out, sorry. I hope it helps!Also it sounds kinda plain because thereís supposed to be a piano and a backing guitarbut I havenít worked that out.
here's some more Chad Fischer :
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