Chad Perrone - Here For Good chords

Chad Perrone
"Here For Good"
From the album "Release"

Tuning: Standard Capo 2

verse 1:
F	033010 (Open G string for verses)
Am7 002010G 320010 or 020010
F-Am7-G say its a right of passage something you expect from looking back ??there was?? and it comes out this age everyones starts to separate in your lives while the others dissipate but i cant stand in strange refrain: chords same as verse its the depth of the circle we lived in if i weren't alone i would probably feel different, no chorus: C 332010 F 033210 Am 002210 G 320033 C-F-Am-G im feeling so much older and im not ready for secrets i've unearthed should i've stay buried no ones knows me better than you my best friends tell me that you're here for good make me believe it verse 2: ooh i was told about this because we follow the path that never changes im tired of resisting there will always be something there it'll keep always building this repair it'll take some convincing now repeat refrain repeat chorus bridge: F 033210 C 032010 G 320033 Am 002210 Em 022000 F 133211 F-C-G F-C-G Am-Em-F-G they'll call me someday, oh remember my name but forget my face they'll miss me someday when im gone im finally gone from this place Verse Chords Here: someday i'll be gone from this place gone from this place someday i'll be gone from this place i'm gone ... im gone Repeat chorus End in C 332010 Watch chad perrone play here
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