Chad Vangaalen - Mini Tvs chords version 2

Mini Televisions - Chad Vangaalen

*Final time round end on F# to head straight back into verse

F#  A  C#  B  x2

F# A Strip malls winter in the fall
C# Bit happened so slow I barely noticed it at all
F# A Blank tapes try to stay awake
C# BI'm running from the future but I can't escape it
E Ab They don't love you
C#m A E(*) They don't love you
x4 (F# A C# B) x2
F# A All the seas ridden with disease
C# Bbless the poor dog that gets eaten by the flees
F# A The chickadee sitting next to me
C# Bsays mini televisions hang like bats in the trees now
E Ab We all love you
C#m A E We all love you
x4 F# A C# B x2 Mix tapes, try to stay awake Ride my rusty bicycle into the lake
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