Chaka Khan – Aint Nobody chords

"Ain't Nobody" by David Wolinski, published in 1983, with Band Rufus and singer Chaka Kahn

*Intro: (8x)
|Em              | Em     D/E     | Em             | 
Em     D/E

Verse 1:
|Em              | D/E        Em  |                | 
D/E Em Cmaj7 Captured | effortless-ly, | that’s the | way it was
|Cmaj7 | D/C Cmaj7| |
D/C Cmaj7 Em| Happened | so natural-ly, | I did not | know it was love
|Em | D/E Em | |
D/E Em Cmaj7| The next thing| I felt was you,| holding | me close
|Cmaj7 | D/C Cmaj7 | |
D/C Cmaj7 B7sus4| What was | I gonna do? | I let my |-self go
|B7sus4 | D/B Cmaj7 | |D| And now we fl|y through the sta|rs, I hope this ni|ght will last for-e-
|Em | D/E Em | | D/E Em|-ver | | |
Verse 2: (Power chords) I've been waiting for you, It's been so long. I knew just what I would do, when I heard your song. You filled my heart with your bliss, you gave me freedom. You knew I could not resist, I needed someone. And now we're flyin' through the stars I hope this night lasts forever... Huh, Huh, Huh, Hu-h... CHORUS:
|Em7 | D/G | D/A | C| Ain't no| body (nobody!)| loves me | better (loves me better!)
|Em7 | D/G | D/A | C| makes me| happy | makes me | feel this way (nobody!).
|Em7 | D/G | D/A | C| Ain't no| body (nobody!)| loves me | better (than yo-
*Reprise Intro:|Em | Em D/E | Em | Em D/E|-u). | | |
|Em | Em D/E | Em | Em D/E Verse 3: (Power Chords) I wait for night time to come, to bring you to me. I can't bel-ieve I'm the one; I was so lone-ly. I feel like no one could feel; I must be dream-ing. I want this dream to be real. I need this feel-ing. I make my wish upon a star and hope this night will last forever… Huh, Huh, Huh, Hu-h... Chorus: Ain't nobody, (nobody!) loves me better, makes me happy, makes me feel this way. Ain't nobody, (nobody babe...) loves me better (nobody makes me feel..) Ain't nobody, loves me better (than Bridge:
|Em D/E | D D/B |Am7 |D|you). | | |
|Em D/E | D D/B |Am7 |D| | At| first you put your |arms around me.
|Em D/E | D D/B |Am7 |D| | Th-|-en you put your ch|arms around me.
|Em D/E | D D/B |Am7 |D| | I ca|n't re-sist this swe|et surrender,
|Em D/E | D D/B |Am7 |D| | o-|n a night so wa|rm and tender.
|Em D/E | D D/B |Am7 |D| | We|stare into each o|ther's eyes,
|Em D/E | D D/B |Am7 |D| | and| what we see is |no surprise.
|Em D/E | D D/B |Am7 |D| | | Got a fee-ling m|ost would treasure,
|Em D/E | D D/B |Am7 |D| | and a | love so deep we |cannot measure!
Chorus: Ain't nobody (nobody!), loves me better (that .. can make me feel this way.) Makes me happy, makes me feel this way Ain't nobody (ain't nobody) , loves me better (nobody) Ain't nobody, loves me better (nobody baby..) Ain't nobody, (nobody baby..) loves me better (Repeat and fade out) Some fill-ins sung by Chaka Kahn during the last Choruses before fade out: (Aaah (you) make me feel just like your love, (is) so much love, (I) can't look up, feel the bonk of love ... now I know .. another bite .. makes me want to scream and shout ... whoa .. nobody) -------------------------------------- A Note on Lyrics: Chorus parts were sung by background singers. Parts sung by Chaka Kahn during Chorus are listed in (parentheses). A Note on Chords: (1) You can use "Bm7" (B minor Seven) instead of "D/B", wich means "D major using a "B" instead of a "D" as lowest note. (2) In the VERSES: If you prefer to (to some of you, it might sound better), you can also use plain "D" major chords instead of "D/C" and "D/E". I play those chords around the seventh fret. There, those base notes sound OK to me. (3) "B7sus4" means a B suspended chord with an additional seventh and a fourth ("E") note instead of the third. The notes (1-5-7-4') are (B-F#-a-e). "Cmaj7" means a plain C major chord with an addtional major seventh ("B") note. "Em" and "Am" mean "E minor" and "A minor" chords. Credits: I'd like to thank the guy who posted the previous "intermediate" chords and lyrics version for providing me with a basis to work on. Basically I did not entirely agree with the chords and changed some of the phrasing in the lyrics to match with what I heard on the 1984 Rufus and Chaka Kahn recording. I hope some folks think it was worthwhile enhancing it. I'd also like to credit the author of a set of scores I read, which were quite OK for playing a related interpretation of the song on piano, but of impossible format if you just needed a lead sheet with chords: The scores are written on seven subsequent pages and the position of the chord symbols are not in sync with actual chord changes required in the song. The lyrics in those scores are do not match what heard on the recording, hhich I took as a refence. Those scores are by Warner Chapell Music Ltd, London (copyright Overdue Music, USA 1983)
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