Chameleon Circuit – K9s Lament chords ver. 2

Intro: D A Bm G


D A Bm GI knew a man that I will never forget
But nobody ever remembers the pet He took me from the year 5000 on a lonely asteroid He said he was looking for a droid He was my master, his attention I did crave To him, I was nothing more than a slave We saved creatures all across the galaxy But nobody ever thought to save me Pre Chorus:
Bm G D AAnd I wonder what life would be like if
I could choose not to say affirmitive People tell me what to do and I just roll along But inside my metal head I'm singing my song Chorus:
D A Bm GTreacherous compliance, what have you done to me?
I'm a fraction of the shadow of the canine I could be I see other dogs in the park fetching sticks and digging bones Never has a tin dog ever felt so alone Oh no Verse: Same as top He gave me to Sarah Jane as a gift but I wasn't consulted, I was a little miffed Is this what I'm reduced to, a casual memento? I've seen all of creation, but to it I'm incidental But there's more to this automaton than they will ever know I'm more than just alloys and circuits, I have soul And I've got dreams just like everybody else I could conquer the world if I could conquer myself
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