Chameleon Circuit - Still Not Ginger chords version 2

E   022100
A2  x02200
B   x24442
F#m 244222

INTRO: E A2 (x3) E

E A2New teeth, that's wierd.
E A2Gimme a minute, get my mouth in gear,
E A2 E (stop)Just wanna check that everything still works.
E A2Legs! Still got legs,
E A2And theres life in this old horse yet,
E A2 B (stop)And I know there's gonna be an awful lot of running to do.
EHead, shoulders, knees and toes,
A2Don't talk about that nose,
F#mAnd what a chin, I think thats everything.
B I'm good as new... but still not ginger.
E A2New mouth, new rules,
E A2Brand new me, but I'm no fool.
E A2 E (stop)I gotta get some food inside me, I'm still cooking.
E A2Apples! No, apples are rubbish,
E A2I hate apples, lets try something scottish,
E A2 Efried! But not evil beans, are you trying to make a zombie of me?
E A2Nows whats this, fish fingers and mustard?
BI gotta feeling it'd be better with custard...
The worst part is that it's actually kinda tasty... Allons-y!
EHead, shoulders, knees and toes,
A2Don't think about that nose,
F#mAnd what a chin I think thats everything.
BI'm good as new...
But still not ginger. E
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