Chameleon Circuit – Everything Is Ending chords ver. 3

This tab is better suited to the ukulele. If you are playing this on guitar, I 
would not reccomend you follow the instructions in brackets below, since they are 
ukulele instructions :)

F, Am, Dm, Gm (UKULELE ONLY with the last finger on the 3rd fret of the G string)
I’m getting married in the morning I took off my engagement ring It was the night before my wedding That was the night we started running Why would you need comforting? I nearly died Alone in the dark, I couldn’t open my eyes And it made me think about what I want About who I want Everything is ending I can’t believe I didn’t see it sooner I know that this is what I need to do Even though you haven’t got a clue Everything is changing I have to keep you by my side tonight And this must be Why you found me Why you found me You’re not scared of anything You know I’m an alien You have so many empty rooms You really ought to get that seen to Why would you need comforting? (I nearly died, alone in the dark I couldn’t open my eyes) This would be too hard, why can’t you open your eyes (And it made me think about what I want, about who I want) I’ll think about how to stop this from going on Cos your life doesn’t make any sense You’re getting married in the morning! That’s a long time away You’re human, you’re Amy! This is my fairytale Listen to me, (you’re) I’m 907 Don’t you know what that means? Doctor you’re sweet Hold that thought
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