Chaotic Dischord - Never Trust A Friend tab

NEVER TRUST A FRIEND, by Chaotic Dischord
Tabbed by Jake Strange.

OK, the intro is just an F# power (dis)chord.

main/verses:e|--------------------------||-----------------------|B|--------------------------||-----------------------|G|--------------------------||-----------------------|D|--99999999999999---6---7--||--4444444444444444444--|A|--99999999999999---6---7--||--4444444444444444444--|E|--77777777777777---4---5--||--2222222222222222222--| play this 1st bar 3x, then ->
Chorus:e|-------------------------------|B|-------------------------------|G|--666666666666666--9--8--7--6--|D|--666666666666666--9--8--7--6--|A|--444444444444444--7--6--5--4--|E|-------------------------------| i think the chorus is played 4x, i'm tabbing this by memory, but it IS right.and sorry, no solo....
up the punx! ok fuck u-g
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