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Chapel Club – All The Eastern Girls chords

Right so I couldn't find a tab
Very easy song to play

Cmaj7 G6 e|0 e|0
B|0 B|0 G|0 G|0 D|2 D|0 A|3 A|2 E|0 E|3
Cmaj7 G6 Cmaj7My mind is a night garden, Heavy with shadow it stares
G6 Cmaj7Your eyes adjust to the dark
G6 Cmaj7All the Eastern girls
G6 Cmaj7Are Wondering back From St. Martens
G6 Cmaj7Skin...(can't make it out)
G6 Cmaj7I'm sold out in every department
G6 Cmaj7Got nothing left for the world
G6 Cmaj7Eyes won't adjust to the light
these chords go quiet as...
But all the Eastern girls They arrive like a kings pardon To the sound of bells
Cmaj7 G6Only just getting to know you, running the flag up to claim it,
Cmaj7 G6Acted like I was your savior, Shepard instead of the lamb
The rest of the song is the same... again ridiculously simple. But its not too bad. any questions
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