Chapman Steven Curtis - Let Us Pray tab

Its a fairly easy tab to play, and it should be pretty acurate. You can either make it 
for yourself by using a capo on the 5th fret, but I prefer playing it without one. I'll 
both down just in case. Enjoy!

Normal (without capo)E||----------------------|----------------------|B||----------------------|----------------------|G||----------------------|----------------------|D||---------8----8-------|---------8----8-------|A||----------------5-6-5-|----------------5-6-5-|E||-6---6-6----6---------|-6---6-6----6---------|
With capo (5th fret)E||----------------------|----------------------|B||----------------------|----------------------|G||----------------------|----------------------|D||---------8----8-------|---------8----8-------|A||----------------0-6-0-|----------------0-6-0-|E||-6---6-6----6---------|-6---6-6----6---------|
Play this four times before starting the chords
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