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	Here's some more by Tracy Chapman:

	If Not Now:

Use a capo barred at the second fret to match the pitch of this one.Follow the transcription as you would any TAB, disregarding the fact thatyou're two frets up. A pitch of "2" is played by plucking the notated stringtwo frets above the capo, not the nut. Gmaj7 DF-----0------0--0------0--|0--0----0----2-----|0------0--0------0--|0--0----0--|C#-T--1------1--1------1--|0--1----1------3---|1------1--1------1--|0--1----1--|A--A--2------2--2------2--|2--2----2--------2-|0------0--0------0--|0--0----0--|E--B--3------3--3------3--|3--3----3----------|2------2--2------2--|2--2----2--|B-------------------------|-------------------|3------3--3------3--|3--3----3--|F-------------------------|-------------------|--------------------|-----------|
F-----0--------------------------------------------------------------------). This is repeated a few times; when Tracy sings "then- why makeC#-T----1------------------------------------------------------------------).your promises" the chords change between D, Bm, A, Fm, and G. AgainA--A------0----------------------------------------------------------------).remember that the song is capoed at the second fret, so the shape ofE--B-----------------------------------------------------------------------).the D will be a C, the Bm and Am, etc. In case it's still unclear,B--------------------------------------------------------------------------).here are the actual chord forms to shape:F----------D (x32010), Bm (x02210), A (320003), F#m (022000, and G (133211-).Change to an F#m7 (010000) when the sequence is repeated immediatelythereafter. Change between G and A on the bridge to the repeat.
Hoped to finish her stuff up here, but looks like there'll be one more posting. I'm not going to include "Behind The Wall" as it's a cappella, but will try to throw in the rest from her first album and what I've figured of "All That You Have Is Your Soul". -Dave # LEWIS CARROLL 1832-1898 ## __________________________ # # | | He thought he saw a buffalo # | David V. Wong | Upon the chimney-piece: # | | He looked again, and found it was, # | University of Washington | His sister's husband's niece. ### | Seattle, USA | `Unless you leave this house,' he said #### |__________________________| `I'll send for the Police!' ##
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