Charlatans – Only One I Know tab

The only one I know

This is my acoustic version...

intro x 4

use this fill to simulate the hammond Call it Riff 1
Fill 1 - after 1st chorus
Fill 2 - (2nd guitar over chorus)
Fill 3 (bass fill - play 4 x)
Solo C7 C7 Eb Fe-|---------------|---------------|--------------------|b-|---------------|---------------|--------------------|g-|--8------------|--8------------|--------------------|d-|-----10--------|------10-----10|8---------8-10-10-10|a-|---------------|---------------|--10-8-10-----------|e-|---------------|---------------|--------------------|
C7 C7e-|------------------------|---------------------------|b-|------------------------|---------------------------|g-|-8----------------------|-8-------------------------|d-|---10-10-10-10-10-10-10-|---10-10-10-10-10-10-10--10|a-|------------------------|---------------------------|e-|------------------------|---------------------------|
C7 Eb F C7e-|-------------------------|------------|11--8-------|b-|-------------------------|-------11---|------------|g-|-----------------------8-|12----------|------------|d-|8-----------8-10-10------|------------|------------|a-|---10-8-10---------------|------------|------------|e-|-------------------------|------------|------------|
Fill 4 -(outro fill)
e--------|-------|--------------------|b--------|-------|--------------------|g--------|-------|--5_________s<------|(slide down fret board)d-3s5____|3s5____|3-5_________s<------|a-3s5____|3s5____|3-3_________s<------|e-1s3____|1s3____|1-------------------|
so thats the main parts to play about with, here's the song and where they fit.. chords E B G D A E C7 x 11 12 10 x x Bb2 6 8 8 7 x x Bb1 x 1 3 3 3 x Eb x 6 8 8 8 x F2 x 8 10 10 10 x F1 1 3 3 2 1 1 G 3 5 5 4 3 3 Intro riff riff 1 x 8 Verse 1 C7 Bb2 Eb F2 The only one I know, Has come to take me away C7 Bb2 Eb F2 The only one I know, is mine when she stitches me riff 1 x 2 Verse 2 The only one I see, Has found an aching in me The only one I see, has turned her tongue onto me riff 1 x 2 Chorus 1( with fill 2 - 2nd guitar if you have one!) C Bb1 F1 G Everyone has been burned before, (Ahhhhh) Everybody knows the pain fill 1 Verse 3 The only one I know, never cries never opens her eyes The only one I know, wide awake and then she's away riff 1 x 2 The only one I see, is mine when she walks down the street The only one I see, has carved her way into me riff 1 x 2 Chorus 2 - (with fill 2) C Bb1 F1 G Everyone has been burned before, (Ahhhhh) Everybody knows the pain C Bb1 F1 G Everyone has been burned before, (Ahhhhh) Everybody knows the pain Fill 3 x 4 (bass) Solo |C7 |C7 |Eb F2 |C7 |C7 |C7 |Eb F2 |C7 | Chorus 3 - As chorus 2 Fill 4 - outro comments, requests to
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