Charlatans - Youre So Pretty Were So Pretty tab

Artist: The Charlatans
Song: Youre so pretty were so pretty
Tabbed by: indie nation
Tunning: standard

the charlatans are awsome cant wait till T IN THE PARK 06 and also please rate as i am 
new to this. Cheers Dan

Chords:	    E A  D  G  B  e
	Gm (x x  5  3  3  3)
	Bb (x x  8  7  6  6)
	Dm (x x 12 10 10 10)

The Song starts off with a weird little sample loop. This is it
for Guitar:-

Riff AE|-----3-----3--|-----3-----3--------3--|B|-----3-----3--|-----3-----3------3----|G|-----3-----3--|-----3-----3----3------|D|--5-----5-----|--5-----5-----5--------|A|--------------|-----------------------|E|--------------|-----------------------|
Intro Riff A x2 Verse 1 (Play chords with same picking pattern as riff A) Gm Show me the diamonds, Show me the gold, Gm Call me the answer, oh yeah! Gm Call me anywhere, I don't have a care - This is my world. Gm Bb Dm You're so pretty - We're so pretty. This is the little lick played after the first chorus. It sounds like an acoustic and appears to be double tracked:
Riff BE|------------|---------------|B|------------|---------------|G|------------|---------------|D|------------|---------------|A|----------1-|----------1----|E|--1h3--3----|--1h3--3----3--|
A more distorted electric sound then plays this in the left channel:
Riff CE|------------------|B|--------65---5----|G|------3-----3-----|D|--3h5-------------|A|------------------|E|------------------|
This continues repeating through the 2nd verse up until "Talkin' to the devil". It is joined again by riff A when the singing starts. Verse 2 Gm Show me th silver, show me the gold, Gm You're takin' my name -- 'Angel' Gm Don't dissapoint me, I see you smilin' Gm Tie up my elbows - No joke. Gm Talkin' to the Devil, Talkin to the lord, For one sweet touch. Gm Talkin' me to heaven, Talkin' me to hell, For your sweet touch. Gm Bb Dm You're so pretty, We're so pretty
E|------------|----------------------------------| NB 6b5p3 means pre-bendB|------------|----------------------------------| fret 5 to the sound ofG|--6b5p3-----|--6b5p3---------------------------| fret 6 (C to C#), hitD|---------5--|---------5------------------------| the note, release theA|------------|--------(-------1---)-------------| bend then pull-off toE|------------|--------(1h3--3---3-)-------------| fret 3.
^These fills are double-tracked again, but this time they're on electrics. The original double-tracked acoustics play the notes in brackets. Gm Bb Dm You're so pretty, Oh! So pretty.
The lick is repeated again (square brackets) this time with a different more distant sounding electric. It's in the left channel with less distorion and more mid-treble. Break Show me the money, Show me the money, Baby. x4 Under the singing during the break this is played:
Riff DE|--------|--------|B|--------|--------|G|--5--5--|--5--5--|D|--O--O--|--O--O--|A|--------|--------|E|--------|--------|
At the end Riff C is played. If you're lost, we're now up to CD time 2:10 - the start of the 3rd chorus. Gm Bb Dm You're so pretty, Oh! So pretty, Gm Bb Dm You're so pretty, We're so pretty. Over the third chorus this is played:
Riff EE|--6/8-8-8-x-8-x-8x-8-x-8-x-|B|---------------------------|G|---------------------------| This repeats up untilD|---------------------------| the start of Verse 3.A|---------------------------|E|---------------------------|
At the end of each line of the third chorus this is played:
Riff FE|------------|------------|B|------------|------------|G|--6b5p3-----|--6b5p3-----|D|---------5--|---------5--|A|------------|------------|E|------------|------------|
For the final verse the sample loop (Riff A) changes slightly:
Verse 3 Gm All the hours, askin' questions, Gm Couldn't fit in, Wastin' time, Gm (Riff C starts repeating again here) Keep comin' back, for a little more, Gm I see you smilin', woo! Gm Feed me to the lions, I'll throw you to the floor, for one sweet touch, Gm Diamonds in the rain, will always be the same, where there's a rainbow. Gm Bb Dm You're so pretty, We're so pretty. (Riff E) Gm Bb Dm You're so pretty, Oh! So pretty. (Riff E) Break Riff C Show me the money, show me the money, baby. Riff C Show me the money, show me the money, baby. Riff E Show me the money, show me the money, baby. Riff E Show me the money, show me the money, baby. Outro While Tim Burgess is going "Oo-oo-oo-oh!" riffs C & D are played underneath. For the final part, it's just riff D on it's own as the song fades out. thats it all ican seem to figure out.
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