Charlene Kaye – Animal Love chords

Sorry, but I don't think this is as extensive or as accurate as my other tabs, but 
it's a good start on a great song!

The way it works is it's one chord for 3 beats and then like a wub wub of a different chord on 4.


Bm---F#m-G---A-Bm etc... Depending on where you want to start. 

*Note, this ends on G and the verse starts back on Bm, skipping A

Bm F#m GA crowded room, there's a hundred ghosts
G A BmBut it's your pretty green eyes that please me the most
Bm F#m GI fully know this is dangerous But
GI've never been too good at control
Bm F#m GCuz when I look at you baby it's like looking straight into the sun
Bm F#m G AAnd I don't wanna look away, cuz I know I'm gunna lose my guns oh
Bm F#m G ASo go ahead and take my convictions, go ahead and take my everything So,
Bm F#m GLet your bones show, let your bones show
G A BmWon't have to hide, have to hide, hide anymore
Bm F#m GOur animal love, animal love
G Awill be enough to protect the both of us
And so on... Please feel free to correct and perfect this, because obviously it leaves a lot to be desired, and re upload it. But definitely have fun with this song and the rest of "Animal Love"!
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