Charlene Kaye – Different Colored Eyes chords

Left handed
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A beautiful song by Charlene Kaye and the Different Colored Eyes... enjoy!
 TIPP: The G#m is strummed once trough the whole song, it´s like a jump
       from A to Em. You dont have to play it, leave it out if you want!

CAPO: +4

INTRO: D   A   G#m Em    A    x2

D A dreaming into the sunlight
G#m Em A bluebirds fly
D Awanting also to unwind
G#m Em A and forget, finally
D7 Gi know now that silence speaks
Gm D Ato walk away would be so sweet
D Alet me love again, please
D Amy body grows, but my heart lays
G#m Em A the weight, it's trying
D Awhile leaves drop every autumn day
G#m Em A they go down spiraling
D7 Gbut they don’t put up a fight
Gm D Aonce out of sight, they’re out of mind
Dso why can’t i?
SOLO: D A G#m Em A D A G#m Em A D7 G Gm D A D A
D Awalking back from work one night
G#m Em A i saw a man who looked like
D Ayou with different colored eyes
G#m Em A suddenly couldn't decide
D7 G (pause)no, i want to walk away from your smile
Gm D (keep strumming D)and feel okay after a while
A (keep strumming A)after a while
G#m Em G (end on G and let it fade) after a while
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