Charles Bronson - Bible Thumpers Go To Hell tab

Bible thumpers Go To Hell

verse|------------- ----------||------------- ----------||-7777-10----- ----------||-7777-10--10- x3 -88888888-||-5555--8--10- -88888888-||-----------8- -66666666-|
chorus |---------------------- -------------------------------||---------------------- --------------1212121212121212-||-77777777-9-----9--11- -777777777777-1111111111111111-||-77777777-9--9--9--11- x3 -777777777777--9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-||-55555555-7--9--7---9- -555555555555------------------||-------------7-------- -------------------------------|
song order- verse x2 chorus x1 verse x4 chorus x1 outro x1 a truly good song. nice n' fast. a truly good band. Nice n' fast. e-mail me at , or don't.
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