Charles Mack – Fathers Song tab ver. 2

Here we go my first tab :) Now, this isn't the way Leon plays it in the 
movie, but it's how i like to perform it and i think it sounds nice. The 
timing's a little weird and kinda difficult to explain but i tried my best to 
put the syllables in the right places. Then again, this is only my 
interpretation so feel free to put your spin on it. also the last chord's 
kinda iffy. i play the song a couple frets higher so i can sing comfortably 
along with it. let's say i'm starting with a F#Maj7 chord (in the key of C#), 
the resolution chord would sound best (to me at least) as a VII Maj7 chord 
which in this case would be B natural maj7. However since the key doesn't let 
us cheat with easy bar chords, i decided to settle for what's down there even 
if its a bit of a stretch for some. btw, constructive criticism is gladly 
accepted. correct me if u believe u have a better way to structure some of 
these chordsor if i'm just off with some of the chord names themselves, plus 
i know my theory is a little rough so... yeah :) have fun!

Here are the chords you'll be using:

Standard tuning 
   EbMaj7  Eb7   Cm7   ?    Bb7    Eb   Dbm7  Cm7   Bb    AbMaj7
e|    6     x     x    x     x     x     x     x     x     x
B|    8     8     8    6     6     8     6     4     3     1
G|    7     8     8    8     7     8     5     3     3     1
D|    8     8     8    8     6     8     7     5     3     1
A|    6     x     x    x     x     6     5     3     1     x
E|    x     9     8    7     6     x     x     x     x     4
           **verses**             **the "other part" (i couldn't figure out what to call it)**

e|-------------------------------|------------------------|B|-----------8--------------8----|------8-----------8-----|G|-----------7--------------7----|------8-----------8-----|D|------8--------8------8-----8--|---8-----8-----8-----8--|A|-6----------------6------------|9-----------9-----------| E|-------------------------------|------------------------| "Father, hear me when I..." "Call your name
|----------------------------|----------------------||------8-----------8---------|------6----------6----||------8-----------8---------|------8----------7----||---8-----8-----8------------|---8----8-----6-----6-||8-----------8---------------|----------------------||----------------------------|7----------6----------| "I need you to answer me now
second time's the same but with these lyrics: “Father, here I am, weak in your sight, can you rescue me now” (Eb) (Dbm7) (Cm7) (Bb) (AbMaj7)
e|---------------------------------------------------| B|-----8--------6---------4-----------3---------1----| G|-----8--------5---------3-----------3---------1----| D|--8--------7---------5----------3-------------1----| A|6-------5--------3----------1-----------------4----| E|---------------------------------------------------|
“I am cry -ing out can't fi-gure it out on my own...” [*strum] p.s. if it's any help to anyone out there, i just thought u should know i like to finger pick this song. it gives it a softer, maybe even a bit calmer tone to go along with the feeling the song was meant to create.
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