Charles Manson – Look At Your Game Girl tab ver. 2

 Standard tuning


Dmaj7 G Dmaj7 GE|-2---------------------2---3p2------3-----|B|-2---------------------2------------3-----|G|-2---------------------2------------0-----|D|-0--------------0------0------------0-----|A|-0-----------2---------0------------2-----|E|----------3-------------------------3-----|
There's a time for living Time keeps on flying Dmaj7 G Think you're loving baby Dmaj7 G But all your doing is crying... NOW PLAY Dmaj7 WITH THE BASS NOTES:
Dmaj7(2) <== I'LL USE THIS TO INDICATE THE 'FULL CHORD'.E|-2---B|-2---G|-2---D|-4---A|-5---E|-2---
Dmaj7(2) G Dmaj7(2) Can you feel ... Are those feelings real G Dmaj7 G Look at your gaaaaame, girl Dmaj7 G Look at your gaaaaame, girl Dmaj7 G What a mad delusion... D SHOWING UP:
D Dmaj7(2) Living in that confusion D Dmaj7(2) Frustration and doubt D Dmaj7(2) Em G Em <== Hammer on this one Can you ever live without the game... THIS IS WHAT HE PLAYS HERE:
A7+/6 Em A7 Dmaj7E|-2---------------3-----3--------2---|B|-2----1--2-------0-----2--------2---|G|-2----1--2-------0-----2--------2---|D|-2----0--2-------2-----2--------0---|A|-0-----------2---2-----0--------0---|E|-------------0---0------------------|
... the sad sad game G Dmaj7 G Maaaaad gaaaaaame Dmaj7 G Just to say you love is not enough Dmaj7 G Even you can't be true Dmaj7 G Dmaj7 G Oh, you can tell those lies baby but you're only fooling you Dmaj7(2) Can you feel G Dmaj7(2) Are those feelings real G Look at your... NOW IT GOES:
F#m Fm EmE|---2------1------0---|B|---2------1------0---|G|---2------1------0---|D|---4------3------2---|A|---------------------|E|---------------------|
... gaaaaame, girl Go on, look at your game, girl Dmaj7 G If you can't you feel Dmaj7 G All those feelings ain't real Dmaj7 G Then you better stop trying Dmaj7 G Or you're gonna play crying Dmaj7(2) G Stop trying, or you're gonna play crying Dmaj7(2) G Dmaj7(2) G Stop trying, that's the gaaaaaaame Dmaj7(2) G Sad, sad game NOW PLAY:
G7+/6 Dmaj7 Em Asus4 Dmaj7 GE|-0-------2--------------0-----0-------2-----3---|B|-0-------2---1--2-------0-----3-------2-----3---|G|-0-------2---1--2-------0-----2-------2-----0---|D|-2-------0---0--2-------2-----2-------0-----0---|A|-2------------------2---2-----0-------0-----2---|E|-3------------------0---0-------------------3---|
... Maaaad gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame, sad game -== REPEAT Dmaj7 AND G TILL THE END. END WITH:
Dmaj7 Dmaj7E|-2---3p2--------2--|B|-2------2-------2--|G|-2--------2-----2--|D|-0----------0---0--|A|-0-----------------|E|-------------------|
_______________________________________________________ Contribuição: Leandro da Fonseca(
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