Charlie Hall – Center chords

Key: ECapo: 2 (except low E)
D: 000232 D/C#: X40232 G2: 340230 D/G: 3X0230 A: 002220 Dsus2/F#: 2x0230 CHORUS VERSE PRE-CHORUS CHORUS (X2) VERSE PRE-CHORUS (X2) CHORUS BRIDGE (X2) CHORUS (X2 SECOND ONE MUSICAL) BRIDGE (X2) ENDING ------------------------------------------ CHORUS:
D D/C# D/GOh, Christ, be the center of our lives
G2 DBe the place we fix our eyes
D/C# D/GBe the center of our lives
DAnd You're the center of the universe
D/C# D/GEverything was made in You, Jesus
DBreath of every living thing
D/C# D/GEveryone was made for You
D/G AYou hold everything together
D/G AYou hold everything together
D D/C#We lift our eyes to heaven
D/G G2And we wrap our lives around Your life
D D/C# D/GWe lift our eyes to heaven, to You
D D/C# D/GAnd turn your eyes upon Jesus
D/C# AAnd look full in His wonderful face
D D/C# D/GAnd the things of earth will grow strangely dim
D D/G Dsus2/F# D/G Dsus2/F# DIn the light of His glory and grace
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