Charlie Mcdonnell – Fun Science Sound Song chords

These are the chords from Charlie McDonnell’s (or Charlieissocoollike’s) video “Fun
Science: Sound!” video for you so you can play some fun music ^_^. The song is played in
standard tuning (GCEA) I believe, so no alterations there. It’s not too hard to play
once you get the hang of it, even though most of the chords are barre chords as in most of
Coollikes tunes. Buts it’s quite a good song really considering it’s about sound xD

I'm pretty sure these chords are right, corrections are welcome ^-^

Chords involved:
C1: 6544
G:  5232
Eb: 3336
F:  5558
Bb: 3211
C2: 0003
G2: 77710

C1 G Eb FIt starts with an idea or an impulse to make a sound,
C1 G Eb FAnd then a message gets sent to my head where my vocal chords are found.
Bb F C2And they vibrate, and cause the air to vibrate too.
Bb F G2Then the air gets shot out of my mouth on its way to you!
C1 G Eb FThis vibration I've just made travels as a wave,
C1 G Eb FBut if I vibrated differently then it would cause the wave to change.
Bb F C2If I sing low then the frequency of the wave drops.
Bb FIf I sing high then the frequency is high too.
G2And if I sing loud then my micro-phone pops!
C1 G Eb FThe sound wave travels through the air unless it hits a wall
C1 G Eb FThen the higher frequencies get absorbed and the deeper ones pass through
Bb F C2And that's why when I'm behind a window I sound like this.
Bb F G2And if the wall is hard the sound bounces back and you can hear an echo!
C1 G Eb FThe sound is captured by my micro-phone and sorted digitally,
C1 G Eb FThat was until you play this video and now your speakers are mimicking me
Bb F C2And now the waves are back and going into your ear.
Bb G2Only 6 more steps inside your head until you get to hear!
C1 G BbSound is touch at a distance,
F C1 G Bb FWhen they say that music can touch you, it literally does.
C1 G BbSound is a vi-ber-ation,
F C1 G BbBut thanks to modern science we can know that it's shaking our eardrums:
(still Bb)And the drum then shakes some tiny bones
C1 And the bones send vibrations to a liquid
BbAnd the waves in the liquid bend some hairs
C1 And the hairs send a signal to the brain
Bb C1 G2And it's only when it forms a pattern in your head that you can hear!
(Outro): C1, G, Bb, F, C1 Then he never really did figure out a good way to end that song... ;) Hope this is helpful in some way, as I’ve said, this song was written by the talented young man Charlie McDonnell, known on Youtube as Charlieissocoollike. The video to this song can be found here (it's very entertaining): x
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