Charlie Mcdonnell – Time To Reply chords ver. 3

-* = strum once

D*I found you this morning
A*When I was on break
Amaj7*Thought you were funny
G*If a little insane
Bm*I quickly forgot you
A*And got on with my day
G*But then there you were
A*Back in my mind again
DFigured I'd find you
ATo see what you've done
Amaj7It's very impressive
GLooks like you have fun
BmI wanna say thank you
AFor brightening my day
GI hope that I
GCould do just the same
Bm A GFor you
Bm AFor you
GAnd I know that you're busy
A*But I hope you find the time to reply
D A Amaj7 G Bm A G*
DI've spent my whole evening
ASitting watching you
Amaj7But there's nothing left now
GCould you make something new
BmI find we've so much in common
AHow weird can it be
GThat I feel I know you
GThough you don't know me
DI know it sounds crazy
ABut I think if we met
Amaj7Spend time together
GWe would end up friends
BmAnd although it's unlikely
AI think I'll be fine
G'Cause unlikely things
AHappen all the time
Bm A GI learnt that from you
Bm AI learnt that from you
GAnd I know that you're busy
A*But I hope you find the time to reply
Bm AIt's been so long
GAnd I haven't heard back
Bm AI'd tell you how long
GBut I think I've lost track
Bm AIs it really so hard
GTo write just a sentence
Bm A G*Or two
D*I've just seen your latest
A*And it was okay
Amaj7*But it wasn't quite you
G*It seems like you've changed
Bm*Are you still enjoying
A*Things that you do
G*You say that you are
But it doesn't ring true
DI went back to see you
AThe way that you were
Amaj7Thought it might cheer me up
GBut it just didn't work
BmThought that you should know that
AI think that I'm done
GYou're not just for me now
But I've had fun
Bm A GWatching you
Bm AWatching you
G*And I know that you're busy
A* D*So don't worry you don't have to reply.
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