Charlie Robison – Youre Not The Best chords

Capo 2

C C7 F COnce I had a little girl as pretty as I have knownss
C D G||Lord, you know I loved her so and then she let me all alone-i
F C FAnd I swore here on this barstool I'd never make that mistake again
F C G CWell you ain't so fine but you're all mine and I'll love you till the end
F C F CSo darlin' don't you worry 'cause they say love is blind
F C D GLust has eyes like an eagle it's gonna drive me outta my mind
F C FThough my eyes sometimes wander it doesn't mean that I'm untrue
F C G C You're not the best but you're the best that I can do
You know a pretty girl she'll leave you, leave you to drown in your own tears You know any ugly girl well, she'll leave you too but then again who really cares And them eyes of blue they cannot be true they'll have to stay here in my dreams I guess that's why old Hugh Hefner invented Playboy Magazine So, sit down here beside me girl and I will tell you what we will do We're gonna twist them lids and hope our kids look more like me than you And when that bottle is finally empty, we're gonna tumble across the floor And I'm gonna pray my imagination is gonna pull me through once more Chorus You're not the best but you're the best that I can do
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