Charlie Robison - Sunset Boulevard chords

Capo 4

G  Cadd9  G  Cadd9

G Cadd9Well, I wish I had my picture
G Cadd9On the Rolling Stone today
G Cadd9And I wish that the Enquirer
G Cadd9Would spread a roumor that I was gay
G Cadd9Well I wish I had some buddies
G Cadd9Some movie stars and such
G Cadd9‘Cause I probably wouldn’t worry about
G Cadd9About the two of us as much
C DAnd I’d spend all my money
G G/F# EmOn caviar and cocaine
C DAnd I would not remember
C D GHow you broke my heart today
You know I, I wish I had a super model So skinny and so wild And a waitress in Nevada She says she’s carryin’ my child I’d drive down Sunset Boulevard my hair blowin’ in the wind And I’d stop at fancy restaurants And they’d finally let me in Chorus Yeah, I wish I had my picture With the Rolling Stones today And I wish the Enquirer Spread a rumor that I was gay I wish I knew a movie star Someone like Charlie Sheen ‘Cause if he’d hang out with Kato Kaetlin Well, I guess he’d hang out with me Chorus 2: And I’d spell all my money On caviar and Rogaine And I would not remember How you broke My heart today
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