Charlie Winston - Calling Me chords

This is Calling me by Charlie Winston, My second tab. All by ear, so there could 
be a few mistakes. If there are, please notice me.

Tuning: standard. no capo. 
the strumming pattern is not too hard to find out. Just listen to the song and you'll get it done.

C             (032010)
FMaj9(no3d) (033011)Dm12 (no5th) (X20011)
Am (002210) Fmaj7 (003211) G7 (320011) Intro: C - FMaj9 - C - FMaj9
C FMaj9 C I heard you calling me
FMaj9 C FMaj9 CAs I was swept away deeper into the sea
Dm12 Am Fmaj7 Am Dm12In love, I missed it's treachery ; swimming free
Am Fmaj7 G7An in one breath a twist of fate made history
C FMaj9 C Mother nature took me in
FMaj9 C FMaj9 C She swept me under then I knew this was my end
Dm12 Am Fmaj7 Am Fmaj7 My whole life flashed in front of me, so suddenly
Am Fmaj7 G7 G7And sinking down I knew I still could hear your scream
C FMaj9 C Dm12I hear you calling me
Am Fmaj7 G7 There's nothing I can do
C FMaj9 C Dm12I hear you calling me
Am Fmaj7 G7 To answer back to you
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