Chase And Status - Let You Go chords version 1

I couldnt find the chords for this song anywhere yet so i thought i would
give it a bash, these are the first chords ive ever put up so im sorry if 
there not perfect.


    Gm  Fm  D#  F

E   0   0   0   0
B   0   0   0   0
G   0   0   8   10
D   5   3   8   10
A   5   3   6   8
E   3   1   x   x  


    Gm  Fm  D#  Gm

(Listen to the song for stuming pattern)


GmYou say,
FmWe canít go on this way,
D#Things have got to change,
GmWhen your gone,
GmAnd each day,
FmA choice gets made,
D#You think itís yours to make,
GmBut your wrong,
Chorus and Pre-chorus --------------------------------------------
GmThereís nowhere to run,
FmNo place you can go,
D#Nowhere you can hide,
FWhere you wonít be found,
GmThereís no place on earth,
FmWhere you could lay low,
D#Wherever you are,
FI will track you down,
GmThereís no way in hell,
FmI will let you leave,
D#Let you just get up,
FAnd walk out on me,
GmThereís no way on earth,
FmHell would have to freeze,
D#More than twice before,
FI will let you go!,
------------------------------------------------- The verse and chours are then repeted and thats pretty much the song. Let me know where i have gone wrong if i have as i say this is my first posted chords ive worked out from ear so i apologise in advance for any mistakes.
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