Chase Coy – Deathbed tab

Chase Coy
Look How Far We've Come

Standard Tunning

ok, so, i know this dude plays with a capo,
but i dont have one, nor did i really find a reason to play with one,
at least for this song

D/F#m (im not even sure if thats the right name, but follow along with lyrics)|------5----5----5-----||---7----7----7---7--7-||-----6---6----6---6---||-0--------------------||----------------------||----------------------|
Verse F#m In a hospital room D/F#m I'm struggling to stay awake F#m D/F#m And you, are laying on your deathbed, But you don't know it yet. F#m It's all just a bit to much and so I D/F#m F#m Step outside for just a moment. D/F#m For just a moment. F#m D/F#m I stare out a dirty window pane F#m And listen to the rain D/F#m Pours down and it covers Everything. F#m And masks the noise from all the D/F#m Medical machinery F#m I am left with the sound of your D/F#m labor breathing.
Chorus A E F#m|-5-| |---| |-5-||-5-| |-9-| |-7-||-6-| |-9-| |-6-||-7-| |-9-| |-4-||---| |-7-| |---||---| |---| |---|
A E F#m But you are close to going home now. A E Your father welcomes you with F#m Open arms. A E A room has been prepared F#m And so you don't have to be scared A E As you leave behind the struggles F#m Of this world. Verse 2 (you should be able to figure out where the chords go, if not, you need to listen closer and louder) The next day came with no improvments Leaving you to explain These things take time. These things take time. You told me you were ready and You weren't afraid to die. He is always watching over you and I. (Chorus) on the "doo doo doots" part, its basicly the chorus, except with a hammer-on on the F#m chord from the E to F# or for those who dont know the notes |-5---|
|-5h7-| |-6---| |-4---| |-----| |-----|
Outro is the chorus but with same arperggio pattern on the chords
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