Chase Coy – Whos To Say tab

Tabbed by: Drew Gribble (

Tuning: Standard, no capo

This is a very intricate and exceptionally written song. 
Although the guitar was hard to hear due to low volume, I think this is right.

Am G F C Am G F Ce|--------|----|------|----------|-------|-----|------|----------|B|0h1-1---|--1-|-1--1-|-----1----|0h1-1--|---1-|-1--1-|-----1----|G|-----0--|---0|-0h2-2|--2---0---|-----0-|----0|-0h2-2|--2---0---|D|--------|----|-3----|----0-----|-------|-----|-3----|----0-----|A|0-------|-2--|-3----|--3-------|0------|--2--|-3----|--3-------|E|--------|3---|------|----------|-------|-3---|------|----------|
The verse is picked like this:e|--------|B|---1----|G|-2--2-2-|D|--2--2--|A|0-------|E|--------|
And the chords used (in order) are Am, F, C, Am, F, C, Am, F, Em, F, G The chorus is the same except Em is not used.
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