Chase Coy – November chords

November - Chase Coy

Capo on 6th Fret
Standard Tuning

Chords used (relative to capo): C Am F G Em7 C*e|----0---------0---------1--------3---------3-------0-----|B|----1---------1---------1--------3---------3-------3-----|G|----0---------2---------2--------0---------0-------0-----|D|----2---------2---------3--------0---------2-------2-----|A|----3---------0---------0--------2---------2-------3-----|E|----0---------0---------0--------3---------0-------0-----|
(C* = add hammer on to C chord on 3rd fret of B string.) Verse 1:
CDo you remember
AmThe chill in the air in November?
FThe autumn breeze wrapped us in blankets
G CAnd we held our breath and closed our eyes
Verse 2:
CDo you recall that
AmWe thought it would all last forever?
FThe days of our youth and the weather
G CAnd the love that we wore on our chests.
G F CBut all good things must end.
C, C*, C (x6) Verse 3:
CAnd do you remember
AmWatching the sun set together?
The rays of the sun lit up
F G Cevery last one of the memories we held in our fists
C, C*, C (x2) Verse 4:
CDo you recall that
AmWe always swore that we would never
FForget all those days and weather
G Cthat led us to display our love on our chests.
G F CBut all good things must end.
C, C*, C (x6) Bridge:
Em7 GAnd we both knew
FThat we were just making the poorest excuses
Am GLike we all do
F GJust to feel like we have something solid
CTo hold on to
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