Cheap Shot – Rachel 43 tab

Cheap Shot, Rachael 43.
Tabbed by jason.

Slide Up And Down Every TimeG---------------------------------------------------------7--D---7------9------5-------9-------7-------9-------5------7-7- Repeat 2xA--7-7----9-9----5-5-----9-9-----7-7-----9-9-----5-5----5----E-5------7------3-------7-------5-------7-------3------------
(1) (2) (3) G---------------------------------------------------------------------------------7--------D---7------------9------------5-----------9---------- Repeat (1,2,3)Than strum --7-7------- REPEAT 2xA--7-7- STRUM --9-9- STRUM --5-5 STRUM --9-9- STRUM ----------------------------5----------E-5------------7------------3-----------7--------------------------------------------------
(A5) (B5) (G5) (B5) Lyrics- I'll be waiting ever so fadding into the sunosphere (A5) (B5) (G5) (D5) I'll be watching never so often how did I end up hear Go back to struming Lerics....... Strum Lerics....... Strum Repeat set 2 of lerics Strum END ON (B5) :: Ultimate Guitar Archive ::
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