Cheap Trick – How Are You tab


first verse (G)Hello, how are you? How'd you sleep last night did you dream of me all (Bbdim7)night How (Eb7)are you? intro riff Wake (G)up, good morning, you shouldn't sleep all day such a beautiful day how (Bbdim7)are you (Eb7)good morning what's (C7)with you how (Eb7)could you intro riff second verse I heard your (G)voice, couldn't stand it, you talk too much you even scare my (Bbdim7)friends What's (Eb7)with you intro riff The words you (G)said I know you're lying, you lie in bed you lie you lie there (Bbdim7)crying what (Eb7)with you? How (C7)could you? Why (Eb7)did you? intro riff chorus (G)Hey hey, I said (C)it's all right (G)come on come on I've been (D)working all night (G)Hey hey said (C)it's ok (G)come on come on (D)Been working all day working all day hey third verse Hello, how are you? I couldn't sleep last night I dreamed of you all night Good morning, get up, I know you're lying You lie in bed you lie you lie there cryin What's with you how could you Why did you? chorus bridge (C)Hello, how (Eb)are you (C)I dreamed of (Eb)you last night (C)Hello how (Eb)are you (C)I dreamed of you all fourth verse night. I said I want you. I want you need you love you want you to want me (REMEMBER?) Hello, how are you? How'd you sleep last night, did you dream of me all night? Good morning, how are you? How are you? Chorus chorus outro (G)(F)(G)(F)(G)(F)(G)(F)(G)(F)(G)(F)
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