Cheap Trick – Shes Tight tab

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From: Glen Norman Pavan 

artist:  Cheap Trick
song:  She's Tight
album:  One on One
key:  A/f#
standard tuning:  E A D G   (although a 5-string would help for the low D)

intro:  D-E-E-E  D-E-E-E  D-E-E-E

      (A) When I'm down, I make a call (E-E-A)
      (A) Got this number written on the wall (E-E-B)
      (B) First it's busy then I try again (F#-F#-B)
      (B) Who is she talking to?  Could it be him?  (E-E-A)
      (A) I dial her number and it starts to ring  (E-E-A)
      (A) I get excited and I start to dream  (E-E-B)
      (B) I start to fantasize on memory lane (G#-G#-C#)
      (C#)  Then she answers and she says right away, she says, "I'm


D AA: 5----4--2------------------|E: -----------4-5-5-5-4-5-5-5-| (this bit played 3 times) Home on my own____________ Home all alone____________ So I got off the phone. She's tight
chorus: (E) She's a-(B)-head of her time. She's tight (G#) She's (A)one of a kind. She's tight. (E) She's a (B)talented girl. She's tight. (G#) She's got her (A)head down tight. repeat intro second verse: I had something got to say to you Amnesia in my train of thought On the tip, the tip of my tounge I had a vision when I was young You floated in, we floated up To a window and down the hall I had a smoke and went upstairs Turned the door and I opened the key, She spoke, repeat pre-chorus repeat chorus outro: She's (B) giving me the go. She's tight. (E) She's (A) giving me the high sign We'll (B) turn out the lights (E) Pull down on the shades She's nice (A)She's tight (B) Turn on the camera (E) Get (A)ready for action She's nice (A)She's tight (B) Turn off the radio (E) (A)Turn on the video repeat intro again twice, then do the outro a second time into fade the outro takes practice, most especially because it goes from the last A in the chorus to the B in the beginning of the outro, and your gut tells you to jump to the E a measure too soon Any comments, questions, or feedback would be grateful: -I'm here, I'm queer, I play 5 string bass
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