Cheap Trick – You Drive Ill Steer tab

You Drive, I'll Steer
(Rick Nielsen/Robin Zander)

Intro riff:

|-------------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------------| x4|---/--------------------7-----7---------------10--9--7-------||---/------7--10--7--10--------0-----7--10--7------------10---| ^(first time only)
Verse: E B I'd like to see you, I'll take your hand E B And when I pull out, you'll understand A B See me when you're looking for love A B A naked lie from the heavens above E B I've been around since I don't know when E B I've got some lovers that you can rent A B Seek you when I'm digging for gold A B I feel alive since I sold my soul Bridge: F# I'm scared thinking 'bout the 4th of July A Can't seem to fight it, it can't be denied F# I got more than that on my brain A I got so much it'll drive you insane Chorus: E B You drive, I'll steer E B Everybody else, steer clear E B 'Cause I'm sitting pretty D I'm in the lap of luxury I'm in the lap of luxury 'Cause when I get to the top and I don't wanna stop 'Cause I like, I love it, I like it a lot Whoo! Intro riff 2x Chords same for verse and bridge You want a real look at paradise Simple pleasures just won't suffice See me when you're looking for love A naked lie from the heavens above I'm in color and you're black and white Let's start the rumors from heaven tonight I got a penthouse in Manhattan Place Come up and see me if you want a taste Chorus Intro riff 2x Interlude:
Sit - ting pret - ty
Sit - ting pret - ty Chorus 2x Repeat "lap of luxury" part to fade
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