Cheese – To See You Smile tab


heLo! this song is dedicated to Ms. Gilianne Maglalang...
Gil, tnx sa lahat ng nagawa mo para sakin!!! I'm olweiz hir 4 u..
take care! iL olweiz make you smile kahit anong mangyari, don't worry!(^_^)

this song will be performed by an upcoming local-"local" band, called Crossover... 
here it soon, especially those in OB MONTESSORI MaCaRthur branch, angeles city, pampanga..

-Standard tuning (EADGBe)

(numbers indicate the fret of the string to be played)
(0 indicates an open string)
(x indicates a dead string)

(EADGBe form)Aadd9- X02420E7sus4- 020200G- 320003D- XX0232
Bm7- 242232C#m- 466544A- X02220E- 022100F- 133211
verse 1: Aadd9 - E7sus4 - G - D (repeat 4 times) Aadd9-E7sus4 G D Lately, my heart's been beating for someone I think, that means true love has just begun Nightly, I've been dreamin' of you And I, hope you're dreamin' of me too... refrain 1: D-A-Bm7-C#m D-E D A You're all that I will ever need You are all that I breathe Bm7 C#m Oooah baby can't you see D E That my heart'll do anything chorus: A-E-F#m-G A-E-F#m-D A To see your smile upon your face E Hold you in my arms with grace F#m G Hoping that everything's alright A To make sure you live happily E Livin' a life with all you need F#m D My love for you will do anything... A Just to see you smile... verse 2: Aadd - E7sus4 - G - D (repeat 3 times) Bm7 - C#m - D - E Aadd9-E7sus4 G D Daily, I keep waiting to see your face Baby, you take away my probs without a trace Sadly, I know I'm nothin' to you at all Bm7 C#m D E But please, let me be there, to catch you if you fall refrain 2: Bm7-C#m-Bm7-D Bm7-C#m-D-E Bm7 I am your warrior C#m I am your knight Bm7 When danger's around you D Just stand back and let me fight Bm7 C#m Oooah baby can't you see D E That my heart'll do anything... (repeat chorus) bridge: Bm7-A-Bm7-D-C#m-D-F Bm7 A I love you is all that I can say Bm7 But it's enough D To show much C#m I'm willing to do D F Anything... anything instrumental: A-E-F#m-G A-E-F#m-D (repeat 2 times) (repeat chorus 1 1/2 times, skip last 3 lines) A I'll do anything E To make you smile F#m Swim several oceans G To get your smile A Run a thousand miles E To see you smile Bm7 I love you... D A I hope I made you smile... >>kung magaling ka, alam mo yung tono ng song... pero for regular people, just wait! hear this song soon...(^-^)<<
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