Cher Lloyd - Superhero chords version 2

Ooh Ooh
Ooh Ooh Ooh
AmI loved you, I loved you
DWith all that's in my power
GI was used and abused
EmTil I was sweet and sour
AmI kissed you, I kissed you
DAnd gave you all my sugar
GYou knew that I'd be useless
if I let you know what you
Emwere to me
AmI thought it would
Dbe ok and
GWe shared
Emeverything,No way
Am And I knew it, I knew that you'd turn
Dout to be a sad case
GYou said you could save me
EmI'm doing the saving
AmWent to sleep with
Dsuperhero and woke up with
Gvillain Killing,
Emkilling my love
AmOh what happened?
DDon't know what happened
GYou got me fighting
EmLike wonder woman
AmI, I, I don't wanna
Dfi-i-ight I, I, I don't wear no
Gti-i-ights and I can't
Emfly-y-y I'm
DI'm no
G Em superhero-o-o
Oh, oh, oh I, I, I don't wanna fi-i-ight I, I, I don't wear no ti-i-ights And I can't fly-y-y I'm no, I'm no superhero-o-o Oh, oh, oh Oh no Oh no, happened. Oh no, happened. Oh no, don't know what happened. Don't know what happened
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