Cher – Dove Lamore chords

Intro:   Dm     Gm7     Dm    Gm7

Dm Gm7Dove' L'amore Dove' L'amore
C BbI cannot tell you of my love
AHere is my story
Dm Gm7I'll sing a love song Sing it for you alone
C BbThough you're a thousand miles away
ALove's felling so strong
DmCome to me baby
Gm7Don't keep me waiting
Bb FAnother night without you here
DmAnd I'll go crazy
Gm7There is no other, there is no other
Bb FNo other love can take your place
C BbOr match the beauty of your face
Gm7 FI`ll keep on singing 'till the day
AI carry you away
Dm Gm7 DmWith my love song, with my love song.
Dove' L'amore Dove' L'amore Where are you now my love ? I need you here to hold me Whispered so sweetly Feel my heart beating I need to hold you in my arms I want you near me. CHORUS Non c'e' nessuno (There is no other) Non c'e nessuno
Non c'e nessunoBello come e ti amo (As beautiful as you, and I love you)
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