Cherry Ghost - My God Betrays tab

Cherry Ghost - My God Betrays
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Capo 2

Em Em C B7 Eme|---------------|--------------------------------------------|B|---------------|----------3-1-----1---------0---------------|G|----0----------|----------------2--2-------2-2------0-------|D|---2-2------x3-|----2-2-0-0------0--0h2---1---1----2-2------|A|--2---0h2------|---2--------3------------2--------2---0h2---|E|-0-------------|--0---0-3------------------------0-------0--| m g b t y o e r d a y s
my god be - trays Em C dumb fist of tragedy hit the door B7 Em my god betrays Em C waits for a signal and takes the floor B7 Em Dances and sways Plays to the crowd C B7 strangles the light from my days Em G C oh my god be - trays Am B7 Em -Repeat two more times- Seen turning the cheek C Turn in on the weak B7 And piss all the promise away Em G C oh my god be trays Am B7 Em
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