Cherubini Lorenzo - Bella tab

Standard Tuning
Capo on 1st

Angus uses the Travis picking pattern

Verse: Aadd9, second chord is an A without the 4th string, dont know what its
called so ill just call it A

Chorus: E, A, Asus, A (actual A)

Listen to the song to figure out where the hammer ons are 

INTRO: Aadd9

There goes the gal....

That made you feel new

Like when the marching band....

You know another years come to soon


E                   A                      Asus   A
   Wont you come on home

E             A                             Asus  A  
   I built us a flying machine

E                   A                              Asus  A
   And we'll go where you want

E                   A                       Asus   
   And we'll sail the seven seas

   I hope all is well in daisys dreams

Then back to Verse
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