Chester See - God Damn Youre Beautiful chords

God Damn You're Beautiful guitar tab
By Chester See

This is from the guitar tutorial by 'logueybear' on youtube,

Capo 1
Standard Tuning

Em7 Cadd9 G On the days I can't see your eyes,
Em7 Cadd9 G DI don't even want to, open mine.
Em7 Cadd9 GOn the days I can't see your smile,
Em7 Cadd9 GWell I'd rather sit, wait the while.
Em7 Cadd9 GFor the days I know you'll be near,
Em7 Cadd9 G D'Cause a day without you, just isn't fair.
Em7 Cadd9 GSee the days I can hear your voice,
Em7 D GI'm left without a choice.
Em7 DPlus I get weak in the knees,
Cadd9 GFall head over heels baby,
Em7 D Cadd9 GAnd every other cheesy cliche.
Em7 DYes I'm swept off my feet,
Cadd9 GOh my heart skips a beat.
Em7 D GBut there's really only one thing to say.
Cadd9 DGod damn you're beautiful to me,
G D Em7 D Cadd9 DYou're everything, yeah that's beautiful
G D Em7 D Cadd9 DYes to me, Ohhh
I can't find the words to explain, Just how much you got me going insane. When you speak to me sometimes we fight, Oh I stutter my words I say never mind. 'Cause even when you just walk by, Well I look around to seem occupied. 'Cause I'm trying so hard to hide, Yeah, All these feelings inside. 'Cause I get weak in the knees, Fall head over heels baby, And every other cheesy cliche. Oh I'm swept off my feet, My heart skips a beat. But there's really only one thing to say. God damn you're beautiful to me, oh You're everything, Yeah, that's beautiful Yes to me, Ohhh Yes to me, Ohhh
Cadd9 DYeah you're beautiful..
Cadd9 DYeah you're beautiful..
Cadd9 DGod damn, you're beautiful,
To me,e|-----0-0-0---------3---------0-2-3---|B|-----0-3-3----1-0--0------0--0-3-0---|G|-0h2-0-0-0---------0-------2-0-2-0---|D|-----2-2-2---------0---------2-0-0---|A|-----2-2-3---------2---------2-x-2---|E|-----x-x-x---------3---------0-x-3---|
To me.
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