Chester See – Why Wont You Smile chords

Hey :) This is my first tab ever, so I hope it's okay. Any problems, please let me 
This was a joint effort of my friend and me.
So yeah. I think sounds right :) xx

C GmIs it something on the ground
FCos it's sunshine all around
CDon't you wanna see it
C GmIs there something I could say
FThat'll make it all okay
CAnd help you to believe it
Am GmI feel so weak
Am GmWatching you sink
FWhy won't you smile?
GmJust for a little while
BbJust for a moment
FYou can show it, it's alright
FWhy won't you smile?
GmGive it a try
BbJust let it shine
FOh why won't you smile
Verse 2:
C GmYour tears have gone away
FThey leave you with the stains
CThere's no denying
C GmYou hide behind your hair
Fand your bitter broken stare
CI know that you've been crying
Am GmWhat did you lose
Am GmWhat can I do
DmSo the world can see
AmSmile, if not just for me
FOh smile
(2 GUITAR PARTS) Guitar 1: F Gm Bb F x2
Guitar 2: F Gm e|-1--1--0--0--------------1--1--0--0-------------------| B|-------------1--1--------------------1--1-------------| G|-------------------2--2--------------------2--2-------| D|------------------------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------|
Bb F F e|-1--1--0--0---------------------------1--1--0--0---------------| B|-------------1--1-3-1-------------1---------------1--1---------| G|-------------------------2----2-3-----------------------2--2---| D|---------------------------------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------|
Bb F e|-1--1--0--0--------------1--1--0--0--------------------| B|-------------1--1--------------------1--1-3-1----------| G|-------------------2--2--------------------------2-----| D|-------------------------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------|
-Chorus- End on F :D
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