Chester – No More To See tab

No more to see- chester

words and music by morris/morris/stanbrook


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|---12----12----12----12----14----14---15----15------------------------------------------------------| ---12----12-----12----12----12---12---12------12------------------------------------------------|
G, Cadd9, Em7, Cadd9 G I was lonely and was suffercating Cadd9 Em7 in the places wherer the memories hard to find Cadd9 let it clear my mind G Through the mists of time a picture forming Cadd9 Em7 You dont see me but i come crawling through Cadd9 Yeah back to you Am C And everytime we meet the line D i catch my breath and i call out to you Chorus D G D/F# Catch the sun in your eyes Em C let it burn down over me D G D/F# I see the sun in your eyes Em C Make it clear no more to see G No more to see
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