Chevelle - Tom chords

			     Tom - Chevelle 
Tabbed by: Marlon Cabrera

Tuning: EADGBe

Chords Used:

E     :  022100
A     :  002220
Dsus2 :  x00230       
D2    :  04x230
B     :  x24440
E/Eb  :  021100
G#3   :  x02100

Intro Chord:
Strum Once - E/Eb

EAnd I don't think I've like to feel this,
AI wanna make the craving stop now
Dsus2 D2 Dsus2 D2So prior it now
BThere're forces coming down.
Dsus2 D2 Dsus2 D2I like now
BYour self boder seem bunch are through.
EAnd the carry bottles with messages
AStop throwing marmaid at me.
Dsus2 D2 Dsus2 D2And I has them all, the splendor of a worldming
BHaving spoken, waiting for the right time,
Dsus2 D2 Dsus2 D2Now my cat is crossing waiting
BLaying in video
E E/Eb A G#3Save me, join me
E E/Eb A G#3 Join me
E E/Eb A G#3 E E/Eb A Join me, I wanna be
Repeat Once More This is my first Tab so i know there are lots of errors in this tab and if you have any questions about anything including any changes i chould do in this tab please dont be afraid to let me know my email is This is a really rare song but you could hear it for free on youtube.
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