Chevelle - Envy tab

Okay so first off this song is actually played in drop B tuning,
but I wrote this transcription to be a little bit more convenient with the tuning and all.
The song is not very difficult but is still a great song off of Chevelle's latest album 
Hat's Off To The Bull.
The tab and chords ARE RELATIVE TO THE CAPO. CAPO AT 2
Enjoy and have fun! Questions, comments, suggestions, email me at

CAPO AT 2         CAPO AT 2

Chords used: Am,Asus2,G,C,Dm/sus2/5 << 3 options on the D.Just personal preference.


VERSE: Am Asus2 "How will this.....pan | out..."|-----------------------------|-----------------------------------||-----------------------------|-----------------------------------||-------5-----5-----5-----5---|----4-----4-----4-----4------------||----2------2-----2-----2-----|--2-----2-----2-----2--------------||--0------0-----0-----0-------|0-----0-----0-----0----------------||-----------------------------|-----------------------------------|
CHORUS: Am G If I turn in envy C Dsus2* I learn through sorrow. Am G C Dsus2* I turn in envy and go to the wall. /VERSE REPEAT\ /CHORUS x2\ "To the wall, to the wall, to the wall" -This section repeats the same chord prog. as Chorus- /CHORUS REPEAT\ For outro just play through the verse picking section while gradually slowing down then end on Am.
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